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Given the controversy surrounding drug use in the country, it is helpful to keep abreast of the latest news on evolving Philadelphia drug crime statutes and how are they are applied. Typically, laws governing drugs fall into three main categories: cultivation or manufacturing, distribution or trafficking, and possession. In addition, the severity of the penalty will vary depending on the circumstances, such as if you have any prior drug convictions and the type of illicit drugs you are charged with.

If you are charged with a drug crime, you should speak with a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney to assess your options and come up with a viable legal strategy. You can contact a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney through FindLaw’s database.

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Police Find Mobile Meth Lab in Walmart Parking Lot

This sounds like a scene from the show "Breaking Bad." Police found a mobile meth lab in a Walmart parking lot in rural Saint Clair (Schuylkill County) on Sunday morning, reports The Scranton Times-Tribune.

The lab was discovered at 5 a.m. while officers were investigating a separate incident, involving a hit and run.

Unlike the hit TV show "Breaking Bad," the meth lab wasn't operating out of a trailer. It was operating out of a Ford Windstar, which had been struck by a hit-and-run driver.

Will Pot Become Legal in Pennsylvania? Unlikely

Is pot becoming legal in Pennsylvania?

The Philadelphia Daily News has launched its brand new pro-pot column, Philly420, discussing the legalization of marijuana and hoping that the state will eventually make recreational marijuana legal.

It's unlikely, however, that it will become legal anytime soon, writes The Patriot-News. Despite the fact that Colorado and Washington both approved citizen-voted measures legalizing recreational marijuana, there's still the issue of the federal supremacy on drug laws.

Collingdale Mother Charged in Toddler's Heroin Overdose

A mother in Collingdale is being charged with the death of her toddler son, reports The Associated Press.

The mother, Christine Rivero, was arrested for the mysterious death of her 11-month-old, Niccolo Varner, after toxicology reports indicated that the baby died from ingesting heroin.

The death occurred on July 15. At that time, Rivero told officers that her 5-year-old was to blame for the death. She claimed that she put both kids in a bath together and that the 5-year-old may have hit the toddler on the head.

New Jersey Mayoral Candidate Busted for Selling Weed

An election season always brings out the scandals. Be it the "legitimate rape" statement or the Gennifer Flowers scandal, there will always be something that comes out about one of the people vying for office. And while Marion Barry rebounded from his issues, one local politician might not be so lucky.

Instead of merely possessing some drugs for his own use, Thomas Litwin, an independent candidate for mayor of Stafford Township, N.J., was caught allegedly trying to sell drugs to an undercover police officer, according to CBS 3. Litwin was caught with more than 50 grams (almost two ounces) of marijuana, some synthetic cannabinoids, and drug paraphernalia, police told the Asbury Park Press.

What if it was medical marijuana?

Drunk in Public and Yelling 'Come at Me, Bro!' What Now?

Imagine it, the Phillies are back in World Series and you're out celebrating with friends, when a dude in a Mets hat yells "come at me, bro!" Besides the guy being a total waste of space, he is likely on the verge of a ticket for being drunk in public.

On the other hand, what if it's you telling someone to "come at you" when you're on the streets of Philadelphia? What if you don't realize that the person you're yelling at is actually a police officer?

Well then, you better know what to do with that citation the nice officer hands you.

Drug Dealer Caught With 89 Sacks of Drugs on His Penis

All of the creative crime seems to happen in Pennsylvania. A few days ago, a lady tried to seduce a cop by stripping down to her undies, so she could avoid a DUI. Now, more details have emerged on a recent major drug bust.

A cop was patrolling a major drug trafficking area when he noticed a car with its lights out. While stopping and investigating the vehicle, officers noticed a bag that allegedly contained marijuana at twenty-three year-old Ray Woods' feet and a pipe on the seat, reports the Daily Local News.

Mom Grows Pot, Sells Through Teen Son's Friends

Suburban mom grows pot, sells it to school children through her son. Sounds like the plot for the cable television show Weeds doesn’t it? They say life imitates art and a suburban Pittsburgh woman was arrested last week for trying to earn some extra cash as a drug dealer.

Forty-six-year-old Jaymee Lutes of Scott Township allegedly had a marijuana grow factory going on in her home, reports The Associated Press. Police say they found lamps to mimic sunlight, six marijuana plants, seeds, and other growing equipment.

Philadelphia Attorney Richard Creamer was sentenced to five years in a federal jail for establishing and operating a marijuana grow house in the City. The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Creamer was convicted of conspiracy to manufacture 1,000 or more marijuana plants and other offenses.

Richard Creamer, an active attorney who practiced corporate and real estate law in the Northern Lights neighborhood of Philadelphia, manufactured the marijuana for sale by packaging multi-pound quantities for distribution in the region reports the Daily News. According to trial testimony, Creamer's operations produced 15 to 22 pounds of marijuana a month which sold for about $5,000 to $5,500 per pound.

Court Struggles To Communicate With Juan Jose Gonzalez Luna

Juan Jose Gonzalez Luna, 42, was charged with drug trafficking after allegedly transporting a shipment of cocaine in his car from Las Vegas, Nevada to the Philadelphia area, reported the Philadelphia Inquirer. But the deaf, mute, and illiterate suspect has stretched the limits of Montgomery County Court's abilities to ensure due process as it attempts to use relay interpreting to communicate with Luna.

With relay interpreting, one court interpreter translates what is said into American Sign Language while a second interpreter tries to pantomime the ASL in a way that may be easily understood by Luna. For instance, an interpreter mimed the motion of banging a judge's gravel and pointed his other hand towards to ceiling to convey that Luna's case was going to be heard at a higher-level court.

Richard Creamer Convicted Of Manufacturing Marijuana

Philadelphia lawyer Richard K. Creamer, 38, was recently convicted of conducting a large and extensive marijuana-growing operation in North Philadelphia, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Creamer faces a 10-year mandatory jail sentence for charges involving the conspiracy to manufacture 1,000 or more marijuana plants and maintaining a place for the manufacturing of controlled substances.

Richard Creamer had practiced corporate and real estate law in Northern Liberties. He became involved in manufacturing the drugs after he found out James Alberts, a South Philadelphia contractor, was making thousands of extra dollars every month from a marijuana business on Third and Tasker Streets.