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No Savesies: Philly Police Crack Down on Parking

While it's a pain to shovel out your parking spot only to have someone park in it later, Philadelphia residents can't call "savesies" on parking spots.

The Philadelphia Police Department has started a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #nosavesies in an effort to educate residents that they can't use furniture or other objects to save their parking spots, according to

While it's rare that police will issue a parking ticket for saved spots, there are ways to fight a ticket if you do receive one.

No Saving Spaces

To the dismay of Philadelphia residents who've spent hours shoveling out their parking spot following the winter storms, there's no law that says just because you dug out a space, it belongs to you, Mayor Michael Nutter told

People have been putting lawn chairs, cones, trash cans, and even crutches in the dug-out spots so that they have somewhere to park when they return. But unless it's your private driveway, parking spots on city streets are open to everyone -- even if you were the one who shoveled it.

Since the goal of the "no savesies" campaign is to alert the public to the parking rules, police haven't been issuing too many parking tickets because it's difficult to prove who saved the spot and with what furniture, reports NewsWorks.

Tips For Fighting Parking Tickets

For people who may have received a parking ticket -- savesies or not -- there are ways to fight it:

  • Check to see if your car's identifying information or location of the violation is correctly documented on the ticket. If not, you might be able to fight it.
  • Take photos of where you were parked and of any parking signs. This evidence can help you at the hearing, especially if the parking sign was confusing or if a fire hydrant was covered in snow.
  • The offense and code section should be listed on the ticket, so look up the law. If your actions didn't actually violate that code or if it's cited incorrectly, you can make that argument in court.
  • Hiring a traffic ticket attorney in Philadelphia may be your best bet because he or she will know the ins and outs of the process and laws.

Even though there's no savesies when it comes to parking in Philly, people should be respectful of their neighbors and not pull into the first shoveled out spot they see, especially if they didn't lend a hand.

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