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5 Ways to Get Arrested on St. Patty's Day

Now that Penn State students are done celebrating the unofficial drinking holiday known as State Patty's Day, the real St. Patty's Day is coming up and it usually leads to a few arrests.

State College actually saw a drop in arrests and overall crimes during State Patty's Day, but it could be because the university paid 34 of 35 businesses with liquor licenses to stay closed, according to the Associated Press. Since it's unlikely that bars and restaurants are going to be closed on St. Patty's Day, it'll be interesting to see what the crime rate will be like this year.

So here are five ways to get arrested on St. Patty's Day:

  1. Public intoxication. While it may seem fun to take the party from the bar to the streets, you may want to re-think that plan because you could get arrested for public intoxication. In fact, you don't even need to actually be drunk to get arrested -- you just need to appear drunk. So pull it together, dude!
  2. Open container. It's understandable that pints of Guinness and whiskey shots can result in a hefty bar tab, but don't try to save money by bringing your own drinks and sipping on them in public places. Open container laws restrict where people can drink alcohol in public, so you could get arrested if you're drinking Jameson in the park.
  3. Public urination. Not only is public urination gross, it's also illegal. Laws prohibiting public urination are typically enacted to promote public health and safety. So your inability to use an actual bathroom could result in fines or jail time.
  4. Assault. Unfortunately, getting drunk and fighting often go hand-in-hand. You may get arrested for assault on St. Patty's Day, even if you don't lay a hand on someone. If you threaten another person to a point where he or she believes that he or she is in danger of imminent harm, then you might be guilty of assault.
  5. DUI. It's best to call a cab or car service when you go out for St. Patty's Day, because not only are highway fatalities likely, but it's very likely that Philly police will have DUI checkpoints set up.

If you do get unlucky this St. Patty's Day and get arrested, consult a criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia for more information on your case.

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