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3 Ways DNA Can Make or Break Criminal Cases

Proof that DNA has a huge impact on criminal cases: DNA evidence has linked a suspect in sexual assault case in Wisconsin to at least three unsolved sexual assaults in Philadelphia.

After Wisconsin police entered the suspect's DNA into a national database, Philadelphia detectives found a match between the DNA and sexual assault, according to Madison's WIBA.

Due unique nature of DNA, what are three ways DNA can impact criminal cases?

5 Ways to Get Arrested on St. Patty's Day

Now that Penn State students are done celebrating the unofficial drinking holiday known as State Patty's Day, the real St. Patty's Day is coming up and it usually leads to a few arrests.

State College actually saw a drop in arrests and overall crimes during State Patty's Day, but it could be because the university paid 34 of 35 businesses with liquor licenses to stay closed, according to the Associated Press. Since it's unlikely that bars and restaurants are going to be closed on St. Patty's Day, it'll be interesting to see what the crime rate will be like this year.

So here are five ways to get arrested on St. Patty's Day:

No Savesies: Philly Police Crack Down on Parking

While it's a pain to shovel out your parking spot only to have someone park in it later, Philadelphia residents can't call "savesies" on parking spots.

The Philadelphia Police Department has started a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #nosavesies in an effort to educate residents that they can't use furniture or other objects to save their parking spots, according to

While it's rare that police will issue a parking ticket for saved spots, there are ways to fight a ticket if you do receive one.