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5 Steps of a Typical Criminal Trial

If you are arrested for a crime in Philadelphia, you will likely face a criminal trial.

The criminal justice system can be confusing and stressful for just about anyone. This confusion and stress is only compounded if you are unfamiliar with the steps of the criminal justice process.

The purpose of a criminal trial is for a jury of your peers to examine the evidence against you and determine if you committed the crime. You are innocent until proven guilty, and the burden is on the prosecutor to convince the jury that you committed the crime. Here are five steps of a typical trial:

How Do Police Investigate Crimes?

When a crime occurs in Philadelphia, police must determine who committed it so that the criminal can be prosecuted and brought to justice. But investigating a crime in Philadelphia can be very different from what you see on TV and in the movies.

Depending on whether the crime is in progress or has already been committed, officers may take very different approaches to tracking down the culprit.

Here's a brief overview of the basics of the criminal investigation process: