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Using a Lie Detector Test in Pennsylvania

You see lie detector tests used all the time in the movies. But just how realistic is this portrayal of polygraphs — especially under Pennsylvania law?

While some criminal suspects will publicly announce that they will take a lie detector test to prove their innocence, these boasts are largely empty. In addition, even if they undergo these tests, the results are dubious at best.

Still, law enforcement personnel will sometimes use lie detector tests. Here a look at how polygraphs are treated in Pennsylvania, as provided by the Pennsylvania Attorney General.

10 FAQs About Philadelphia Jury Duty

If you're selected for jury duty, you'll get instructions about what to do next. Still, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation about serving on a jury in Philadelphia.

To help clear some of the confusion, here are some frequently asked questions regarding jury service in Philadelphia:

5 Ways the Constitution Protects Criminal Defendants

You'll likely become a constitutional law expert if you are ever a criminal defendant.

As you may know, the Constitution contains our basic rights and freedoms. Many of these rights pertain to criminal suspects and their presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Here are five constitutional amendments every criminal defendant should know:

5 Tips to Protect Your Children From Strangers

When you were a child, your parent probably told you not to talk to strangers.

Now that you are a parent, you will similarly have to provide your children some advice and tips on dealing with strangers.

Children encounter hundreds of strangers every day, whether it be at school, in the park, or anywhere else. So advising your children to completely ignore strangers is probably not practical.