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Tyrese Ford Pleads Guilty in Shooting Death at T&T Lounge

A young man could face spending most of his life behind bars after he was sentenced this week in the shooting death last year of a Frankford High all-city linebacker.

Tyrese Ford has been sentenced in the shooting death last year of twenty-year-old Christopher Spence, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Ford pleaded guilty to third degree murder and as a result, will face 18 to 40 years behind bars.

Pennsylvania is one of the few states that has a third-degree murder charge. In a nutshell, first degree murder in Pennsylvania requires malicious intent to kill. Second degree murder is typically a felony murder, which is a murder committed in the course of a felony. Third degree murder is defined as “all other kinds of murder.”

The shooting happened during an argument between Ford and Spence, reports The Philadelphia Daily News. The argument was allegedly over a woman. Spence punched Ford and in response, Ford shot him in the chest, writes CBS Philadelphia.

Earlier in the trial, Ford’s attorneys indicated that he planned to plead not guilty. But sometimes, it becomes wise to take a plea bargain, even if it means pleading guilty to a major offence.

Typically, a plea bargain involves pleading guilty with an agreed upon sentence. In some cases, the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge.

There are many reasons why a criminal defendant would want to take a plea bargain. To start, he may know that he is on the losing end of a trial or case. At that time, the plea bargain could present a lighter sentence than one he could receive if the case goes to jury.

Also, a plea bargain may look attractive to defendants as their legal costs rack up and there’s a long legal road ahead.

The T&T Lounge, which was the site of the murder, is no longer in business.

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