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Inmate Tries to Kill Justin Bieber From Jail Cell in Bizarre Plot

Poor Justin Bieber. Or rather, lucky Justin Bieber, as he was spared a grim fate. Police foiled an alleged plot to castrate and murder the teen sensation earlier this week, writes

The plot was reportedly hatched by Dana Martin, a convicted murderer who is serving two life sentences for raping and killing a 15-year-old Vermont girl.

He allegedly hired two hit men to carry out his new plot, including one fellow inmate of his from Las Cruces prison in New Mexico.

Allegedly, the two hit men planned to kill Bieber after his concert in Madison Square Garden last month. Martin had it all planned out. He wanted Bieber's bodyguard strangled with a paisley tie. He then wanted Bieber and his bodyguard castrated.

Why would he plan all of this from his prison cell in New Mexico?

Because he's allegedly obsessed with Bieber, according to various news sources. He reportedly has a tattoo of Justin Bieber on his leg. His motive for the attempted murder was the fact that he'd written to the pop star several times and never received a response, reports Time.

But Martin couldn't go through with killing the pop sensation. Somehow, the plot got foiled when the hit men took a wrong turn and ended up at the Canadian border. Ooooops. The co-conspirators (i.e. the hit men) were arrested with weapons and pruning shears (presumably for the castration), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The alleged hit men confessed to New Mexico State Police -- they confessed every gruesome detail of the alleged murder plot, from the kidnapping to the castration.

What's in store for a criminal who's already in prison? While Martin might not have been the man who would have directly killed Bieber, he was nevertheless the mastermind behind the attempted murder and could be found guilty not only of conspiracy but also of the underlying crime in the conspiracy, namely attempted murder.

Still, he's serving two life sentences. At this stage, he's pretty much torched any chance for parole. Much to Justin Bieber's relief.

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