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Holiday Grinch Caught on Camera for Stealing Prada Shoes

They’re calling her the “Holiday Grinch.”

She followed a UPS truck and walked up to another woman’s stoop, stealing a package delivered from Neiman Marcus, reports NBC Philadelphia. The package contained $500 Prada shoes.

Little does she know that she was caught on camera. Surveillance cameras caught a blonde woman exiting a dark colored Dodge Durango. She walked right up the driveway, took the shoes and fled.

She's now been caught by police. She and another suspect confessed to the crime, according to police. While they have been identified, police haven't yet released their names to the press. They aren't in police custody and a criminal complaint has yet to be filed.

This woman isn't the only Grinch stealing Christmas out in the Philadelphia area. A boy was caught doing the same thing in Bethlehem over the weekend.

It might sound like petty larceny to steal a pair of shoes, but Prada shoes are expensive. In Pennsylvania, the crime of theft is taken seriously. The penalties in Pennsylvania depend on the value of the property stolen.

Theft is essentially the unlawful taking of property. It can be a summary offense if the value of the stolen property was under $50. Even in the case of a summary offense, though, the theft could appear on the suspect's criminal record.

Amounts stolen over $2,000 lead to a second degree felony. But for amounts between $50 and $200, the charge is a third degree misdemeanor. In this case, the crime could fall under a first degree misdemeanor.

It's unlikely that the offenders will serve much jail time, but they could be looking at 90 days. Obviously, they'll have to return the stolen goods.

Let this be a lesson to all Grinches this Christmas -- the Whos have surveillance cameras everywhere!

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