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3 Teens Arrested After Woman Endures Christmas Nightmare

We've heard a few Christmas Grinch stories, but this one takes the cake for being the worst Christmas crime story of the year.

Unfortunately, it's not as petty as the theft stories from earlier this month. A 22-year-old woman endured a Christmas nightmare as she was robbed and sexually assaulted by three teens in a kidnapping, Fox 29 News reports.

The teens -- a 19-year-old and two 17-year-olds -- allegedly kidnapped the victim from a parking lot on Marshall Road in Upper Darby as she waited for her boyfriend to come out of a bar. The trio forced their way inside her car at gunpoint and drove her around, allegedly taking turns raping her in the back seat, police told Fox 29.

They then allegedly robbed the woman, taking her purse, her car stereo, GPS, jewelry and several other items.

As the attackers rummaged through the victim's belongings, they learned she had a 2-year-old daughter. But that didn't stop them. Instead, they threatened the child's life if the victim said anything to police. They dropped her off in her car on a nearby street -- five hours after the initial kidnapping.

The threat to her child, and the viciousness of the attack, didn't scare the victim off. Instead, she and her boyfriend went to the police and reported the incident.

The teen attackers apparently couldn't stay out of trouble, as police soon received a call from the mother of a friend of the attackers, reporting a domestic disturbance.

When police responded, they found the alleged attackers with several of the victim's belongings. They each face 46 charges including kidnapping, rape, and robbery, reports The Philadelphia Daily News.

Those charges likely also include criminal conspiracy. That makes the case all the more difficult for the teens, as they can be implicated in each other's crimes if found guilty of conspiracy.

The alleged attackers are now each being held on $500,000 bail, and are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on New Year's Eve.

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