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Deliberations Begin in Keisha Jones' Car-Crushing Trial

Is Keisha Jones a criminal or is she the victim of an unfortunate accident?

Jones, 31, is currently being tried for the death of her husband, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. Her husband was crushed to death by her car in 2011.

Now, Jones is claiming that her car gear became stuck as the car plowed towards her husband.

According to the Inquirer, Jones claims that she was distraught after her husband's death, and that the death was the result of a tragic and unfortunate accident.

On the flip side of the story, prosecutors are alleging that the death was no accident, saying that Keisha Jones used her 2002 Acura to pin her husband, Tyrone Taylor, to the wall after a bitter argument. Jones is facing trial for murder and possessing an instrument of crime.

So whom should the jury believe?

It's hard to say. In a criminal trial, a jury's job is to decide whether or not a defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The case is going to come down to the evidence and what the jury believes.

Let's talk about the standard of reasonable doubt, which applies to criminal cases. "Beyond a reasonable doubt" means is that if there is any small flicker of doubt about the defendant's guilt, the jury cannot convict the defendant.

For Keisha Jones, one problematic area is the fact that she gave somewhat conflicting statements to officers after the alleged accident. After the incident, Jones gave a statement to police that said she was chasing Taylor with the car.

Later on, she recanted that statement, saying that she was so distraught at the time that she would have signed anything.

In a trial such as this one, the jury's decision could come down to a question of credibility. Who presented the better case, Jones or the prosecutors?

Deliberations began on Thursday.

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