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1 Dead After Fight Breaks Out at Philadelphia Wedding

A wedding in Philadelphia didn't go as planned over the weekend when chaos resulted in a death, reports the Philadelphia Daily News.

An argument between wedding guests turned into an all-out brawl at the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel early Sunday. The fight resulted in seven police officers being called to the scene.

A guest took video of the fight and posted it to YouTube. You can watch it here:

While the death occurred in the midst of the chaos, it's still hard to say whether the death was a result of the fighting. The 57-year old guest who died was reportedly the bride's uncle. The cause of his death was a heart attack, but he was found unconscious outside the hotel sometime during the brawl, according to the Daily News.

Police say the deceased man was not a participant in the brawl, Time magazine reports.

As a result, no manslaughter charges will be filed against the participants in the fight, although one man is behind bars after the madness. He allegedly assaulted a police officer.

Two other men received citations for disorderly conduct. Alcohol seemed to be the biggest culprit of the night, however.

Disorderly conduct isn't a serious offense but it is still a crime. Usually, a citation for disorderly conduct will involve drinking in public, disturbing the peace, or loitering.

Under Pennsylvania's disorderly conduct laws, people are prohibited from intentionally or recklessly creating a risk of public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm by committing certain acts.

Fighting is one of those acts proscribed under Pennsylvania law as "disorderly conduct."

As a summary offense, it's a notch less serious than a misdemeanor. While it won't necessarily get you a criminal conviction, it might still show up during a background check.

The offense of disorderly conduct could subject the offender to a fine, or even to a short stint in jail.

Sunday's fight involved people from two different wedding parties, the Daily News reports. As the weekend's madness wears off, one wedding party will be left mourning the unfortunate (and possibly unrelated) loss of a loved one.

But, at least for now, nobody will be going to jail for causing the wedding guest's death.

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