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Bam Margera Stalker Arrested After Waking Him With Naked Kiss

It seems as though being famous has some downsides -- although non-celebrities may not call attention from admiring fans a "downside." Maybe after you've done insane stunts and risked your life, having a naked 24-year-old wake you up with a kiss is just one risk too many.

"Jackass" star Bam Margera was asleep in his West Chester home when he was awoken by a kiss by a naked female intruder, according to The freaked-out celebrity immediately called police and threw the woman out of his house. West Chester police picked her up, still without clothing, in the rural area around Margera's home.

Did the woman not think what she was doing was a crime?

One more fact to note is that the woman allegedly began to masturbate when Margera was on the phone with police, according to This assertion could certainly escalate any charges that might be filed. So far, she's been charged with burglary, trespassing, and stalking.

The crime of burglary is when a person enters a building without consent with the intent to commit a crime. The intended crime doesn't have to be a theft -- it can be any crime, misdemeanor or felony.

Here, the question is whether kissing someone is a crime. It could potentially be considered a sexual assault because the woman was naked. Of course, this question would have to be argued in front of a jury that would decide whether entering a person's house naked, waking someone up with a kiss, and then proceeding to masturbate was indeed a sexual assault.

Guilt of the other crimes of trespass and stalking seem almost guaranteed. The trespass charge would only be dismissed if the woman reasonably thought she had permission to be on the property. Just because Bam looked in your direction at a bar doesn't mean "come to my house naked."

Let it be known that if you love a celebrity, you are still a stranger to him, even if you know the deepest intricacies of his life. Otherwise, you might need a criminal lawyer to help get you out of a jam.

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