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Ochocinco 86'd; Chad Johnson Arrested and Fired from Dolphins

Just when you thought you might stop hearing about Chad Johnson, a.k.a. “Ochocinco,” a.k.a. “85,” he pops back up in the news. This time he is not in a reality show with T.O. or leaving the Bengals. Nor are there new rumors that Johnson is being eyed by the Eagles.

Instead, Johnson has gotten himself in trouble with the law. During an argument with his wife, Evelyn Lozada, Johnson allegedly head-butted her, causing a cut on her forehead, according to WTXF-TV. Johnson claims that the two accidentally bumped heads. However, the arrest alone has led to his being fired from the Miami Dolphins, according to USA Today.

Domestic violence in Pennsylvania is not a separate crime that can be charged against someone. In Florida, where Johnson and Lozada live, there is a separate battery charge for domestic abuse.

If you are attacked by someone in your family, you can usually have them arrested even for misdemeanor crimes as long as there is some evidence of the attack you can show to the officer. In addition, this type of situation allows you to get a protection order from the court, which allows you to have the abuser arrested if they threaten you.

If Johnson had been an Eagle and in Pennsylvania, he would have still been arrested if Lozada had called the police. Additionally, she could have then taken his arrest and any other evidence of abuse and bring it to the court to get a protection order.

If you are the victim of domestic violence that has not been reported to police, you are still able to get a protection order. There only needs to be a preponderance of evidence, which is a low bar, to have an order granted. Contact the police, a domestic violence shelter, or a trusted family member to help you if you are in this situation.

While Chad Johnson has been accused of domestic violence, it is left to be seen whether this was an accident gone wrong or a wake up call.

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