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Junior Thug Attempts Multiple Robberies in Broad Daylight

Junior Thug certainly sounds like it would be the name of the next big thing on the hip hop charts. However, unlike Lil' Bow Wow, or Bow Wow now that he's all grown up, this young man found himself in the news for all the wrong reasons.

It seems like a 12- or 13-year-old boy was trying to gain "street cred" by robbing passersby at gunpoint, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. The boy tried to rob five separate people, including Phillip Lucas, a Daily News reporter. However, the boy did not actually get anything from his attempted robberies. Now police are looking for any information to find the boy.

What is in store for him when the police do find him?

Robbery is the theft of personal property through violence or fear. This can include beating someone up and taking their stuff or just threatening them with bodily injury. However, if you didn't take anything you can't be guilty of robbery.

This is where the law of attempt comes in. Attempted crimes occur when a person has the intent to commit the crime and takes a substantial step towards committing the crime, yet falls short of actually completing it. The penalty for attempt is the same as the attempted crime.

Here, junior thug would likely be guilty of five attempted robberies because he intended to take personal property by force and took the actual step of confronting people on the street with a weapon. Each robbery attempt is a first degree felony because the threat was of serious bodily injury caused by a gun.

Junior thug will be lucky if he is as old as witnesses estimate, because if he is 14 or older, he could be charged as an adult like we talked about when the 10-year-old stabbed his father in the neck.

Kids need some good role models if during the summer months the best activity available is attempted robbery. Hopefully the police get him before the streets do.

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