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Parking Tickets Just Got Easier to Contest in Philly, Thanks Judge!

You get them every once in a while. Those dang parking tickets that cost you the price of a nice meal out with the significant other, wine and all. Or maybe you don't even pay them until you have a boot on your car or a license suspension, in which case, this news might be music to your ears.

Recently, a judge finally made it easier to challenge a ticket by allowing more access in the challenge process, reports the Philadelphia Daily News. These changes may make it so that less tickets are given out by the Philadelphia Parking Authority ("PPA"). It might even save you some money in the future if you feel that you were given a ticket in error. Read on to see what these changes are.

While speeding tickets and DUIs are handled by the Philadelphia Courts, parking tickets are adjudicated by the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication ("BAA"). The recent court ruling changed the way that these administrative hearings will take place.

Generally, to challenge a parking ticket, you would go online to the PPA website or mail in paperwork to request a hearing. At the hearing you could bring a lawyer, appear and testify, present evidence, and appeal any decisions made.

Now, thanks to lawyer Jim Pavlock, who appealed his parking tickets, a judge has issued an injunction that will possibly force the BAA into giving those that dispute a ticket a more fair process, according to the Daily News.

The changes include being able to cross-examine the actual enforcement agent that wrote the ticket, dismissal of the ticket if the exact location is not noted, that agents sign tickets to affirm the truth of the ticket, and BAA hearing officers must issue a written report of why the ticket is upheld, reports the Daily News.

Further, the BAA must notify you that you have the right to call the ticket enforcement agent as a witness.

If this injunction stands, it will be a great help to those of us who have been dinged by a parking ticket that was not earned by giving us more access during the process of contesting a parking ticket.

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