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Drug Dealer Caught With 89 Sacks of Drugs on His Penis

All of the creative crime seems to happen in Pennsylvania. A few days ago, a lady tried to seduce a cop by stripping down to her undies, so she could avoid a DUI. Now, more details have emerged on a recent major drug bust.

A cop was patrolling a major drug trafficking area when he noticed a car with its lights out. While stopping and investigating the vehicle, officers noticed a bag that allegedly contained marijuana at twenty-three year-old Ray Woods' feet and a pipe on the seat, reports the Daily Local News.

The cops arrested Woods and noticed a large bulge in his crotchal region when handcuffing him and patting him down. At the station, they made him drop his pants and discovered an incredibly huge package of drugs. Woods allegedly had tied bags containing 89 individual servings of a variety of drugs, including cocaine and heroin, to his penis.

Not to be punked by the cops, Woods reportedly made a valiant attempt to urinate on the cop when the cop attempted to remove the bag from his genitals.

Ray Woods has been charged with possession with intent to deliver, tampering with evidence, and other offenses. His criminal exposure will depend on the size of the package(s), but he can expect to spend a lot of time behind bars. Because at least one of the drugs in the bundle was alleged to be a narcotic, he could face up to fifteen years in prison.

Though mere possession is also a crime, Ray Woods was charged with possession with intent to deliver. Intent to deliver is inferred by possession of large quantities of drugs, no matter where they are stored.

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