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Mom Grows Pot, Sells Through Teen Son's Friends

Suburban mom grows pot, sells it to school children through her son. Sounds like the plot for the cable television show Weeds doesn’t it? They say life imitates art and a suburban Pittsburgh woman was arrested last week for trying to earn some extra cash as a drug dealer.

Forty-six-year-old Jaymee Lutes of Scott Township allegedly had a marijuana grow factory going on in her home, reports The Associated Press. Police say they found lamps to mimic sunlight, six marijuana plants, seeds, and other growing equipment.

Lutes was charged with growing the pot and enlisting her teenage son's classmates to sell it. She faces charges of drug dealing and soliciting a minor to traffic drugs, reports the AP.

For selling drugs to teens, Lutes would face a minimum jail term of two years if convicted. However the drug dealing is the least of her problems as Lutes faces serious problems for enlisting minors to sell the drugs. Generally, any person who is 18 years of age or older, who solicits someone who is less than 18 to sell drugs would be guilty of a class 2 felony for the crime. Lutes could go to jail for ten years if convicted of that offense.

Suburban mom Jaymee Lutes needed extra money and decided to turn drug dealer. Unlike in the television show where a glamorous mom avoids arrest and the bullets of rival drug dealers, this real life mom grows pot story ends in arrest and a possible decade-long prison stay. Lutes will need a good criminal defense attorney to rewrite the ending to her story.

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