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Freddie Mitchell Accused of Tax Fraud Scheme

Former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell's claims to fame were one catch he made in the playoffs against the Packers in 2004 and his close personal friendship with the actor who played Steve Urkel. Now FredEx has been linked to a tax fraud scheme, and he could be imprisoned for a very long time if convicted.

The Freddie Mitchell tax fraud scheme alleges that the former football player recruited professional athletes to have their taxes prepared by a business run by Jamie Russ-Walls and Richard Walls of Bensalem, reports the Philadelphia Daily News.

For six-figure tax preparation fees, the business would promise athletes million-dollar tax refunds. The business would prepare 1040 forms that claimed the taxpayers were due significant refunds, and supported the claims with falsified W-2 statements and other forms, reports the Daily News.

Jamie Russ-Walls, Richard Walls, and Freddie Mitchell would then share a portion of the tax refund, with the athlete receiving a lion's share of the return.

It wasn't reported how much actual knowledge the 33-year-old Mitchell had of the tax fraud, but he could potentially face five years in jail and large fines if he is convicted of the most serious offenses.

Freddie Mitchell was not a very successful pro football player and he proved to be a not very successful businessman. The former Eagle may not be the brains of the Freddie Mitchell tax fraud scheme, but even if he wasn't the main operative, he should have known that making six figure referrals off of someone's tax returns was not a legitimate business.

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