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Jerry Sandusky Abused Grandchild? Mom Wants Him Away from Kids

There's more Jerry Sandusky grandchildren drama. Earlier this week, Judge John Cleland ruled that Sandusky could visit his grandchildren, agreeing to ease the bail restrictions on the former Penn State assistant football coach who faces 50 charges of sexually abusing minor boys.

However, not everyone was happy with the judge's ruling; one of Jerry Sandusky's former daughters-in-law has vowed to fight the judge's ruling, and not allow Sandusky to visit the children she had with Sandusky's son, Matt, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Jill Thomas claims that Sandusky may have been grooming her 5-year-old son for sexual abused and that Sandusky had once touched him inappropriately, reports the Inquirer. Her allegations were never confirmed, but Thomas still wants Sandusky as far away from her children as possible.

But Joe Amendola, Sandusky's attorney, says that his client is merely a pawn in the child custody battle between Thomas and Matt Sandusky. Amendola says that Thomas is capitalizing on Jerry Sandusky's legal troubles to have a better claim to her children, and that the allegations against his client are untrue.

While Judge Cleland issued the order allowing Sandusky to visit his other grandchildren, he left the visitation decision over Jill Thomas' children to the family law judge hearing that custody dispute.

Jerry Sandusky grandchildren issues are just the latest twist in this criminal case that has seemingly touched on every aspect of the law. Jerry Sandusky's criminal trial for the molestations is set for May, but you can expect plenty of legal battles in the meantime.

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