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Dennis Veteri Arrested in Flyers Rangers Fan Fight

Over a week after the brutal Flyers Rangers fan fight, 32-year-old Dennis Veteri of Glassboro was arrested and charged with multiple counts of assault.

You may have seen the video that was posted online showing a Flyers fan in a Claude Giroux jersey starting the fight outside of Geno’s Steaks following the Winter Classic hockey game. The Ranger fan turned out to be Iraq war veteran and off-duty Northern New Jersey cop Neal Auricchio, who suffered a concussion and required numerous stitches, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

But despite the video seen below, police initially did not have any good leads on any of the assailants.

It's not clear what eventually led police to Veteri, but perhaps the video combined with his Facebook page listing "Broad Street Bullies" as one of his interests made him a prime suspect. Veteri now faces two counts each of aggravated assault, conspiracy aggravated assault, simple assault, and reckless endangerment, reports the Inquirer.

If you're wondering why Veteri was charged with the conspiracy charge (planning to commit assault), simple assault (causing bodily injury), and aggravated assault (causing serious bodily injury), in a case that obviously resulted in serious bodily injuries, that may be because prosecutors wanted to have their bases covered should they not be able to prove that Veteri had the intent to cause serious harm.

For example, if Dennis Veteri was only charged with aggravated assault, and prosecutors failed to show that he wanted to seriously injure the Rangers fan, Veteri could walk away scot-free. However, by also charging Veteri with lesser charges, prosecutors can better ensure that Veteri will be criminally punished for the Flyers Rangers fan fight -- even if for a lesser charge.

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