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Jerry Sandusky Bail Change? Wants to Leave Home and See Kids

A Jerry Sandusky bail change may be in the works. Joe Amendola, the attorney for Sandusky, says that he is seeking a change in Sandusky’s bail conditions so that he can visit his 11 minor grandchildren and also help his legal team prepare his defense.

Right now, the 68-year-old Sandusky is out on $250,000 bail and confined to his home, reports the New York Post. He has been accused of sexually assaulting ten preteen boys and has no contact with minors including his relatives.

Pennsylvania Hate Crime in Beating of Cabbie and Passenger?

Three Philadelphia teenagers allegedly approached a cab on Saturday night and started screaming racial epithets at the passenger. They threw an unidentified liquid at the cab before opening its door, dragging the passenger out, and beating him while spewing racial hate.

The cab driver came out to investigate and the three teens turned their violence on him, reports the Philadelphia Daily News. The passenger was able to escape and the cab driver was able to defend himself with a tire iron, before the three teens were eventually arrested. The teens now could face charges under Pennsylvania hate crime law.

Philadelphia Murders: Bad Day, Bad Month for City

So far this year, Philadelphia murders have averaged well over one per day. Yesterday, four people were killed, pushing the number of murders to 31 for the month in only 25 days, reports the Philadelphia Daily News.

The first two deaths were the apparent murder-suicide that occurred in Logan. A 63-year-old woman was found shot in the head and a 34-year-old man had a gunshot wound to his chest. Both were inside their home. The relationship between the two, and why the man may have shot the elderly woman, are unclear.

William Lynn Prosecution: Jury to Hear Unproven Allegations?

Monsignor William Lynn is the first church official in the country facing a criminal trial for enabling the sex abuse of young boys. Lynn is not accused of sexually abusing any boys himself, but as the former archdiocesan administrator, he is accused of covering up sexual assaults by priests, allowing them to shuffle around from parish to parish to commit later abuses.

As his trial ramps up, prosecutors are now trying to convince a Philadelphia judge that old and unproven allegations of abuse should be heard by the jury, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Ridley Shooting: Snake Deal Gone Bad?

You may have heard about the Ridley shooting at the Woodlyn Shopping Center over the weekend. Now, police are saying that the shooting may have occurred over a snake deal gone wrong.

The unidentified victim, who is in stable condition, allegedly went to the shopping center lot for a snake-dealing transaction, reports Philadelphia Daily News. He was supposed to meet another, unidentified New York man to unload 20 ball python snakes for $12,600. Instead, the purported buyer unloaded his pistol into the snake dealer.

Driver in Temple Beating Death Urged to Step Forward

Last week, Temple graduate Kevin Kless was brutally beaten to death after leaving an Old City bar. Police so far have no concrete leads in the Temple beating death, and they have appealed to the driver of the suspects’ car to come forward and identify his three passengers.

But why would a friend rat out his other friends?

Kevin Kless Beat to Death While Hailing Cab

Another senseless murder, this time the killing of a 23-year-old Temple University graduate following a misunderstanding about a cab. The victim identified as Kevin Kless was beaten to death in the Old City neighborhood.

And you won’t believe the dumb reason that prompted the killing.

Dennis Veteri Arrested in Flyers Rangers Fan Fight

Over a week after the brutal Flyers Rangers fan fight, 32-year-old Dennis Veteri of Glassboro was arrested and charged with multiple counts of assault.

You may have seen the video that was posted online showing a Flyers fan in a Claude Giroux jersey starting the fight outside of Geno’s Steaks following the Winter Classic hockey game. The Ranger fan turned out to be Iraq war veteran and off-duty Northern New Jersey cop Neal Auricchio, who suffered a concussion and required numerous stitches, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Stepfather Kills Three Teens in Philadelphia Shootings

A argument in school turned into an argument on Facebook and looked to turn into a physical confrontation outside a home in Juniata Park.

Seven teenage age boys jammed into a Toyota Corolla and headed to the home of three teen brothers in search of a fight. The teen brothers’ stepfather, Axel Barreto, came out of the home and shot point-blank inside the car. Three of the seven inside the car were killed and another is listed in stable condition with a gunshot wound to the neck, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Philadelphia New Year's Eve Murder Suspect Charged

Arlette Aguero and Alejandro Garro were fatally shot while sitting inside their car just a few minutes before the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve. A few days later, the Philadelphia police caught the suspect and today they formally charged him with the New Year’s Eve murder.

The police have charged 30-year-old Kevin Brown with both killings, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. It’s unclear what Brown’s motives were, but apparently he had a feud with the 31-year-old Aguero. Garro seems to be just an unfortunate bystander who was in the car with Aguero and had not previously met Brown.

Bystanders Watch, Not Help, PATCO Robbery

In a disturbing 2012 trend, videos of Philadelphia assaults and fights are going viral. First, there was the Mummer's Day fight where someone dressed in a pink parade costume duked it out with a spectator. Then there was the Flyers fans who beat a Rangers fan senseless.

Now, there's a video of a PATCO robbery and beating that made its rounds on hip hop websites, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Woman Gets Probation for Would-Be Facebook Murder

You may have heard the story already. Nineteen-year-old London Eley went on Facebook to solicit a would-be assassin to kill her ex-boyfriend. This week, the woman who had spent two months in prison before posting bail, learned that she would not have to serve any more jail time for the would-be Facebook murder.

Instead, Eley will only be on probation for the next five years, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Wanted Wreck Locals Post Youtube Video of Crimes

Sometimes police have to hunt near and far for leads. Other times, criminal suspects post Youtube videos boasting of their crimes, kindly and conveniently leading police right to their doorsteps.

Self-anointed members of a Wreck Locals gang were wanted by police for spraying painting cars and walls, smashing vehicle windows, and creating other havoc. With only a surveillance video of four thugs, Philadelphia police were without any concrete leads on who the vandals were.

That is until they released their Youtube video.