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Involuntary Manslaughter: Keisha Jones Runs Over, Kills BF

Keisha Jones got into an argument with her boyfriend Tyron Taylor inside his Acura. After the fight, Taylor stopped the car, got out, and walked away. Jones then jumped into the driver's seat, drove onto the sidewalk, and ran her boyfriend over, killing him.

The 30-year-old West Philadelphia woman now faces involuntary manslaughter charges, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. But as the woman voluntarily hopped behind the wheel of the car and mowed her boyfriend down, you may be wondering why the woman was charged with an "involuntary" crime as opposed to voluntary manslaughter or even murder.

Generally, involuntary manslaughter doesn't mean not voluntarily performing an act. Instead, it just means acting in a manner that is so reckless that death is likely to occur -- even if you don't plan on killing someone.

Keisha Jones clearly made the decision to hop behind the wheel of the car and she was aiming for Tyron Taylor. However, it probably will be hard to prove that the woman actually intended to kill her boyfriend. In the heat of the moment, seconds after a fight, it'll be hard to prove what Jones was thinking, if anything.

For a crime like voluntary manslaughter or murder, prosecutors usually have to prove that the defendant intended to kill. Voluntary manslaughter is different from murder only in that the defendant may have a heat of passion defense such as acting under an intense provocation.

Keisha Jones killed her boyfriend Tyron Taylor by running him over with a car. While it appears she intentionally tried to hit her boyfriend, it's unclear whether she intentionally tried to kill him. And as her intention does make a difference for the criminal charge, Jones was charged with involuntary manslaughter and not a more serious homicide charge.

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