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Involuntary Manslaughter: Keisha Jones Runs Over, Kills BF

Keisha Jones got into an argument with her boyfriend Tyron Taylor inside his Acura. After the fight, Taylor stopped the car, got out, and walked away. Jones then jumped into the driver's seat, drove onto the sidewalk, and ran her boyfriend over, killing him.

The 30-year-old West Philadelphia woman now faces involuntary manslaughter charges, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. But as the woman voluntarily hopped behind the wheel of the car and mowed her boyfriend down, you may be wondering why the woman was charged with an "involuntary" crime as opposed to voluntary manslaughter or even murder.

Governor Tom Corbett Explains Why Sandusky Arrest Took So Long

For about three years, the State of Pennsylvania was building a case against Jerry Sandusky. From 2009 until just this month, many Pennsylvania officials including Governor Tom Corbett (the former Attorney General handling the case) were aware of the allegations against Sandusky, but yet still allowed the former Penn State coach unfettered access to school facilities where many of the alleged crimes occurred, reports The Times-Tribune.

Now, Governor Tom Corbett and Jerry Sandusky are mixed together in the scandal and the governor will have to explain why he risked endangering additional youths in the three-year period by not taking action sooner to remove or arrest Sandusky.

On Monday, Corbett offered some insight on why he waited.

Jerry Sandusky Interview Admissable in Court?

Many of you probably saw, or heard about, the Jerry Sandusky interview with Bob Costas on NBC’s Rock Center. And if you were like most people, you probably cringed at a lot of the things that Sandusky said, like admitting to showering with young boys and other “horseplay.”

After getting over the initial discomfort, you may have also wondered what Sandusky (or his attorney, Joe Amendola) was thinking by allowing the accused pedophile interview live with a seasoned interviewer like Costas.

Jerry Sandusky in Jail? No, Released by Judge with Ties to Charity

Is Jerry Sandusky in jail? The surprising answer is that the man accused of sexually assaulting eight boys is not in jail and was released without paying a penny in bail.

Questions are now being raised about the district judge who set the bail terms, and whether she was too closely tied to Sandusky.

So what happened?

Jerry Sandusky Investigation Widens Into Texas

The Jerry Sandusky investigation has now gone to Texas. Texas police have opened an investigation into claims of Sandusky sexually assaulting a boy there in the late 1990s. It appears that the Texas boy was one of the eight victims from the earlier reports.

Along with the Texas investigation, Pennsylvania authorities are also exploring two new allegations of abuse against the former Penn State assistant coach.

Jerry Sandusky Criminal Charges, What He and Others Face

As you probably know, the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal has knocked out a legendary coach. But while the football impact of the sex scandal has seemingly dominated the headlines, one should not forget the true victims of the crimes -- the children -- or the real criminals alleged to have been involved in the case.

The Jerry Sandusky criminal charges make for a disgusting list. He's been charged with 40 criminal counts (so far) due to his alleged sex abuse and rape of underage boys through his charitable foundation for at-risk youths, announced the Attorney General's Office. Here's what he faces:

What is the Criminal Appeals Process?

Even if you've been convicted of a crime, this does not necessarily mean your case is done. Instead, in some cases, you may be able to appeal to a higher court and have your conviction overturned.

The following are the basics of the criminal appeals process.

Pennsylvania Sexual Abuse Reporting: Crime Not To Do So

The obvious crime in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal is the sex abuse itself. After all, the former assistant coach is accused of molesting at least eight boys while operating his The Second Mile foundation for at-risk youths.

However, other school officials like school Senior Vice President Gary Schultz and Athletic Director Tim Curley also face criminal punishment, reports The Associated Press. While they are not accused of participating in the sex abuse, they are also accused of violating the law.

Linda Ann Weston, Mass Murderer?

We may have a mass murderer on our hands. Investigators are now looking into every death of a person who had been close to Linda Ann Weston to re-review if there was any foul play involved.

The investigators are even looking into the death of Linda Weston’s own mother, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

A U.S. District Judge sentenced Matthew Devlin, the pilot of the tugboat that crashed into a Ride the Ducks boat, to a little over one year in jail for the role he played in the fatal duck boat accident.

Last year, Devlin was guiding a 250-foot waste barge up the Delaware River. As he headed up the river, Devlin crashed into a stalled Ride the Ducks duck boat that was stuck in the middle of the river. Two Hungarian tourists were thrown overboard and died.