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11 Charged with Prostitution at Downtowners Fancy Brigade

Following up on a tip, Philadelphia police raided the Downtowners Fancy Brigade and arrested 11 people for prostitution-related offenses.

Six weeks ago, police received a tip that prostitution was going on at the popular South Philadelphia Mummers club, reports the Philadelphia Daily News. According to the tip, women were solicited for sex on the second floor of the building every second Tuesday of the month between 7:00 p.m. and 11 p.m.

When police followed up on the tip and raided the suspected Mummers club prostitution house this week, they found naked and barely clothed women, some participating in sex acts, reports the Daily News. There were about 50 patrons in the club at the time of the raid, and undercover officers in the club said they were solicited by at least ten women within an hour.

After shutting down the club, the police made 11 arrests. Ten women were charged with solicitation for prostitution and one man was charged with promoting prostitution, reports the Daily News.

Prostitution is generally considered a misdemeanor in Pennsylvania, but multiple of the offense can result in more serious misdemeanor charges. However, someone will usually only be charged with a felony prostitution if that person engages in prostitution knowing that she (or he) has AIDs.

On the other hand, the promoter of prostitution could face felony charges. Promoters who own, manage, or control a house of prostitution face the more serious penalties.

Eleven people were arrested for prostitution at the Downtowners Fancy Brigade. Only the promoter of the Mummers club prostitution house likely faces felony charges.

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