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Philadelphia to Host SlutWalk to Stop Sexual Assault

Philadelphia is set to host SlutWalk on August 6th, the latest major city to host the rally intended to help stop sexual assault.

Having just begun this year, SlutWalk has quickly caught on with rallies in Toronto, Boston, Chicago, London, and many other major cities across the world. The rally typically involves men and women wearing whatever they want in a protest that they should not be subject to sexual assault just because of their style sense.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the idea for SlutWalk originated in Toronto after a police officer reportedly blamed woman victims "dressing like sluts" for a rash of sexual assaults.

Thousands of scantily clad men and women showed up at the first rally in Toronto voicing their opinion that women should be proud to have a sex life and should be free to dress as they please, reports the Inquirer. The protestors stressed that the fact that how women chose to dress should not expose them to sexual assault.

Sexual assault is a legal term that has different meanings in different states and countries. In Pennsylvania, sexual assault means nonconsensual sexual acts. In many states, that includes any unwanted and offensive sexual touching. Unlike rape, sexual assault does not require the use of force.

As Philadelphia's SlutWalk is set for the beginning of August, it is hoped that the raised awareness that women who dress a certain way do not ask to be criminally assaulted will help stop sexual assault in the city.

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