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Dennis Powell Finally Pays Restitution For His Crimes

The Philadelphia Daily News reported Dennis Powell, a former fugitive with an arrest record, finally paid restitution for a 20-year-old case involving theft and forgery. Powell had been Philadelphia's district director of the state Board and Probation and Parole but resigned two months ago after the board found out about his past criminal record.

Dennis Powell's case occurred in the late 1980s. He was a manager for a loan company known as ITT Financial Corporation, which had offices in Sunbury and Scranton. Powell was accused of creating loans to fake people and embezzling loan payments from ITT customers. Authorities claimed he had stolen nearly $5,300 from the company.

Powell was charged with 29 counts of felonies and misdemeanors for criminal charges including theft, forgery, tampering with records, and the misapplication of entrusted property. Rather than face the charges, Dennis Powell ran away from and avoided the law. A judge had issued a warrant for his arrest in 1990, but police officials were unable to find him.

Officials found Dennis Powell in 1997 and arrested him on a fugitive warrant. Powell was in jail for 10 days and pleaded not guilty at the time. His PA criminal defense attorney later asked prosecutors to drop the charges against Powell and have his client pay restitution instead. Powell never paid.

This week Dennis Powell paid $4,901.20 to compensate for his crimes, cancelling his contempt hearing in Northumberland County Court for failure to pay restitution. Had he not paid, Powell would have faced serious penalties that may have involved jail time.

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