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Casey Mahoney's Death Linked To Previous Kensington Murders

Philadelphia police have recently connected the death of Casey Mahoney, the latest Kensington murder victim, to the deaths of Nicole Piacentini and Elaine Goldberg. NBC Philadelphia reported DNA results on Tuesday linked the three women's deaths to the Kensington Strangler, whom Mayor Michael Nutter has referred to as a "psycho."

27-year-old Casey Mahoney was found barely clothed from the waist down and showed signs of strangulation and sexual assault. Last month, Piacentini and Goldberg's bodies were found in almost the same condition and within a mile of a half of one another. Investigators have come to believe that someone in the Kensington neighborhood likely knows the killer.

Because the murders occurred in a "short period of time" and the women's bodies were found within the same area, Philadelphia Police Captain James Clark said authorities "do at this time consider it to be a serial murder." Law enforcement officials continue to ask for assistance and additional evidence that will help them find the suspect before he has the chance to kill another potential victim. 

Mayor Nutter and the city police department called together a community briefing in Kensington and announced a $37,000 monetary reward where $7,000 will go to the individual who turns the Kensington Strangler. Nutter urged the community to help "get this psycho off the streets of Philadelphia" and asserted that they would not "tolerate this insanity on our streets."

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