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Kensington Stranglings May Be Linked To Same Attacker

Police officials said evidence obtained from the two women who were strangled in Kensington link both deaths to the same murderer. Captain James Clark of the homicide division affirmed that the "DNA from both crime scenes is connected," according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Police found the bodies of Elaine Goldberg, 21, and Nicole Piacentini, 35, less than a mile away from each other. Both women were barely clothed and showed signs that they had been sexually assaulted and strangled to death. Two more women have also told authorities that they were also assaulted, in two separate incidents, by a man who attempted to choke them to death in October. One of the women said she was attacked in the same lot Piacentini's body was located.

Investigators submitted the DNA evidence from the nonfatal assaults and have also run the DNA samples through a national database. The results are still pending as to whether the other women's attacks are related to the deaths of Goldberg and Piacentini. While detectives have received "a lot of cooperation" and have spoken to many people, authorities still lack a reliable lead on these cases.

Captain Clark said he would not call the killer a "serial murderer," even though the man could potentially be one. Investigators have also been reviewing past cases of unsolved assaults and similar crimes in Kensington and other parts of Philadelphia. So far police reported the attacker may be a tall, light-skinned African American or Latino man in his late 20s with a goatee.

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