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Feds File Subpoena For Wedding Photos Of Anthony Staino

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported federal investigators have made an unusual move to subpoena a private photographer's work to obtain photos of Anthony Staino at a recent wedding reception. Law enforcement sources revealed 55-year-old Staino is the notoriously reputed number-two man in the South Philadelphia mob.

Anthony Staino and his wife had a lavish wedding celebration at the Curtis Center in Philadelphia this past September. Several other reputed mob associates, including 71-year-old Ligambi, were amid the nearly 300 guests who attended the Staino party. South Philly's renowned mobster Ralph "Junior" Staino is also said to have been at the celebration.

Organized Crime Unit head Dave Fritchey and his team have been investigating the Ligambi organization, which has been going on for nearly three years. The investigation is centered on uncovering extortion, loan-sharking, gambling, and three unsolved gang-related murders. Investigators plan to use the photos to get a look inside the private gathering. The subpoena for the photographs was filed under seal and is not accessible to the public.

Anthony Staino's lawyer Gregory Pagano thought the subpoena for the wedding photos was "appalling." He mentioned Staino has no criminal record and the subpoena was a "case of the government going on a fishing expedition. Sometimes, a wedding is just a wedding." Authorities apparently also filed a subpoena for the event's catering records.

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