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DNA May Connect Dominique Wilson To Rape Cases

Earlier we mentioned the criminal case involving Dominique Thomas Wilson, who is now on trial for violent assaults in Center City close to the University of Pennsylvania. Wilson allegedly forced his way into a couple's apartment, robbed them at knifepoint, tied up the boyfriend, and raped his girlfriend. In a similar case, Wilson threatened two women with a knife and gun and raped one of them repeatedly.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, forensic scientist Brian Pfleegor testified that Dominique Wilson's DNA samples matched the evidence taken from the two Philadelphia women he allegedly raped. "I would not expect to find somebody else with that DNA," said Pfleegor. He said that it would take one out of a trillion people on Earth to find another individual with DNA like Wilson's.

Both rape victims and the male victim picked Dominique Wilson's picture among a photo lineup. An ATM machine near Wilson's residence also caught an image of him when he used the victims' ATM cards. Police officials found items Wilson allegedly used during his attacks, including duct tape, three knives, and a black bandana.

Dominique Wilson was a former student and basketball player at Lock Haven University in Clinton County. In court, he told Charles J. Cunningham, the Common Pleas Judge for the cases, that he has chosen not to testify on his own behalf. If Wilson had chosen otherwise, prosecutors could have disclosed to the jury that he had been sentenced to serve at least 70 years behind bars for raping two Lock Haven students in 2009.

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