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Criminal Law: Solicitation in Philadelphia

Encouraging, requesting, or demanding a person to engage in criminal conduct with the intent to facilitate the commission of the crime falls under it's own crime known as solicitation. Although solicitation is commonly linked with engaging someone in prostitution, it generally involves engagement in any sort of criminal conduct.

To be charged with solicitation in Philadelphia, the following elements must be present:

  • An individual has the intent to engage in criminal conduct with another person; and
  • An individual requests that someone else engaged in criminal conduct.

The crime following the solicitation does not need to be committed for an individual to be guilty of solicitation. Even if the other person denied the request, the solicitor may still be found guilty. For example, in the event an undercover cop was asked to engage in prostitution, the solicitor could be arrested and charged for solicitation even though no prostitution took place.

A PA criminal defense lawyer can provide a detailed explanation when it comes to punishment for solicitation charges. Typically the punishments depend on the degree of the felony solicited. For instance, solicitation of murder is usually seen as a more serious offense than soliciting prostitution. First time offenders may by fined, asked to perform community service, or receive alternate sentences. Repeated criminal offenders will more likely face a prison sentence.

An experienced PA criminal defense lawyer can help determine the best possible legal solution available for anyone who has been charged with solicitation. For general information, visit the Related Resources links.

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