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Stephen Greb Charged with Fraud for 20-Year Scam

According to, former La Salle University official Stephen Greb was charged for creating a phony business company he used to embezzle over $5 million of the university's money. Prosecutors alleged that the 58-year-old Philadelphia man had been operating what they believe was a 20-year scam.

Stephen Greb was La Salle University's former school director of auxiliary services. University officials terminated Greb this past June after they had discovered the fraudulent conspiracy. Philadelphia law enforcement said Greb established a bogus food company, authorizing payments for the business from the school. His job at La Salle had involved supervising the school's food services and on-campus catering.

Greb's case generally falls under the category of fraud. A Philadelphia criminal defense attorney may describe fraud as the intentional deception of an individual or entity by another for personal or monetary profit. Fraud crimes often include some sort of misrepresentation, false statement, or dishonest conduct. Different types of fraud include credit or debit card fraud, identity theft, and telemarketing fraud. Any person, business, group, or public entity can end up being victims of fraud.

The former La Salle University official turned himself in to Philadelphia authorities this week. Stephen Greb faces charges including forgery, theft, and tampering. It has not been determined whether Greb has found a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney to counsel him through this case. He will definitely need proper legal advising as he faces potential penalties such as jail time, costly fines, or probation. For general information on fraud and criminal law, visit the Related Resources links below.

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