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Makeda Marley Gets Probation for Growing Marijuana

The Daily Local News reported Bob Marley's daughter, Makeda Jahnsta Marley, was arrested in 2009 and charged for growing marijuana in the basement of her home in Caln. She was also charged for tampering with evidence when she attempted to destroy the plants before police confiscated them. Judge Thomas Gavin gave the reggae artist's daughter two choices for sentencing, since Makeda Marley didn't have any prior criminal record.

The first option involved serving two to 23 months in Chester County Prison where she wouldn't have to deal with further court supervision after being released. The second entailed seven years probation with a risk of potentially spending 15 to 59 months in state prison in the event she violates the conditions of her release. Makeda Marley selected the latter option.

The terms of the 29-year-old's probation says Marley will have to go through random drug tests and follow obligatory constraints in staying away from anyone who uses illegal drugs. She will face time behind bars if she breaks any of these conditions. State law requires the criminal offender to serve one year in jail if the individual has more than ten marijuana plants. Police found 11 plants in Marley's home, but Judge Gavin waived the mandate for this case.

Prosecutors asked for Makeda Marley to be sentenced to 23 months in prison, but Judge Gavin offered two options instead. He didn't feel comfortable with just a straight probation either, which is why he gave Marley the two options to choose from. To learn more about sentencing for criminal charges, speak to a PA criminal defense lawyer or browse through the Related Resources for more information.

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